We have been around the industry for more than 15 years and are determined advocates of the accessibility of legal medical marijuana. Canada has some of the best medical marijuana in the world. We are dedicated to making sure that authorized patients have access to high-grade medical marijuana for their health benefits. As the world enters a new age of tolerance and acceptance for the medical benefits of marijuana, West Coast Weeds will surely be among the front-liners who will ensure continue to provide top-notch quality and variety.

Network Integrity

Network integrity is key in establishing credibility in the industry. We make sure that the products we carry are closely monitored from farm to market to ensure that every product meets industry standards and customer satisfaction.

Customer Support

In an ever-changing world of the medical marijuana industry, the ability to adapt and support the customer's needs makes us very competitive in the market. We make sure that we go far and beyond to fulfill our commitment to customer satisfaction.


We always put ourselves in your shoes and demand the same higher level of service and quality in all the products we provide. We tirelessly push ourselves to be better in every aspect of this business which translates to the best customer experience we can provide.


Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

There’s nothing that drives us more, than to better ourselves everyday, not only with the variety of quality products we provide but also with the continuous innovation to ensure a flawless ease of use of our system, which eventually equates to the highest level of customer satisfaction that makes every customer a repeat and loyal patron of ours.

Top Quality

All products are monitored and inspected to ensure that only the best quality products are made available in this shop. We will not settle for anything less.

User Friendly

To be able to provide maximum ease of use, we closely monitor user experience with our interface and adapt to our customers so you can just focus on “what to buy”.

Customer Satisfaction

Being a member of this site already guarantees access to the best medical marijuana and all of its derivatives, but it does not stop there, we’re here to provide the best customer experience every time you visit our site.

Best Variety

We maintain a wide variety of products of different categories and we’re always on the lookout for the best products. Be sure to always check in with us to take advantage of the first takes on everything superb.

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